Feasibility of 25 Gb/s Serial Transmission Over Copper Cable Assemblies

In the quest to transmit higher data rates over high-speed cable assemblies, various standards organizations such as the IEEE 802.3ba Committee are proposing extensions to existing specifications. One possible path to achieving transmission at 100 Gb/s would be to move to a 4 x 25 Gb/s implementation. To accomplish this, it is first necessary to define performance requirements for each of the components of the cable assembly. A new strategy to accomplish this is to attack the problem from a “bottom-up” approach whereby a theoretically perfect cable assembly is first characterized to establish the feasibility of transmitting signals at a data rate of 25 Gb/s. Subsequently parameters of real components are inserted into the assembly and the resultant performance degradation is observed. The analysis yields a set of requirements for each of the individual components and a determination of the minimum signal conditioning requirements.
Par Vittal Balasubramanian et Stephen B. Smith
Langue : Anglais
Société : FCI
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