Li-Ion Battery Fundamentals and Battery Pack Electronics Design

The Li-ion battery has gained great popularity in recent years as the market for portable devices such as notebook computers, PDAs, smartphones, portable DVD players, and game consoles has grown. This is because of the obvious superiority of Li-ion batteries—high gravimetric and volumetric energy density low self-discharge, no memory effect, and long cycle life. On the other hand, because of its sensitivity to overvoltage and overtemperature conditions, a Li-ion battery pack requires several mandatory safety features to be incorporated before it can be used in consumer applications. The Li-ion battery is also subject to aging effects even when it is not cycled. From the application point of view, significant progress has been made in Li-ion battery gas gauging to meet the demanding accuracy requirements of the portable-power industry and to defend against counterfeit packs. This topic aims to update readers on Li-ion battery fundamentals and safety. It also describes a number of circuit-design challenges along with proven solutions and design guidelines for Li-ion batteries.
Par Sihua (Simon) Wen, Doug Williams
Langue : Anglais
Société : Texas Instruments
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